Nature Education

Playing and Learning in the Bush!

Our school has forever had a strong focus on nature and the environment, so outdoor experiential play and learning has always been integral to our program. Our wonderful grounds incorporate a pine forest, remnant bushland, oval, and large playground with a sand pit area. Students have been involved in the creation of Kids’ Creek (check out the video below), a frog pond and skink sun lounge. Children have the opportunity to play within and surrounded by nature everyday, whether it is building cubbies in the pine forest, paddling in Kids’ Creek or studying bugs or lizards they have found.

It is our belief that this connection with nature is of fundamental importance to a child’s mental and physical health in the 21st century. This tenet is confirmed by the latest wellbeing and engagement research, which provides compelling evidence that kids need time to play and learn outdoors to foster curiosity, creativity and to tackle challenges. This helps to develop the life-long learning skills needed to be responsible community members, environmental caretakers and global citizens.