Extra-Curricular Offerings

The following activities fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum, but are available for all students

Sport and Fitness

All students have an informal fitness session every day. There are also PE lessons offering basic skills in a variety of different sports, enabling children to seamlessly join any number of local sports clubs in the area. The school joins with other small schools in the Hills for the Combined Sports Day each year – despite the school’s size, students do not miss out on this tradition, and Scott Creek Primary won the competition in 2018. Students also regularly compete in SAPSASA competition.

Nature Play
Our wonderful grounds incorporate a pine forest, remnant bushland, oval, and large playground and sand pit area. Students have been involved with the creation of the artificial Kids’ Creek, a frog pond and skink sun lounge. Children have the opportunity to play within and surrounded by nature everyday, whether it is building cubbies in the pine forest, paddling in Kids’ Creek or studying bugs or lizards they have found. It is our belief that this connection with nature is of fundamental importance to a child’s mental and physical health in the 21st century.
CreARTive Program
In Term 2, the Upper Primary students design and create a major artwork to present to the community. They are encouraged to explore an interest as creatively as possible. It can be in any medium; painting, dance, sculpture, film-making, modelling, animation or directing a play. A portfolio of their work, including an action plan, a history of related artists and their respective art forms, is also included in their presentation.
Lego League
This is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance and extend their problem-solving skills, through the creation of ‘Lego Robots’, which are coded and entered into competitions.
Oliphant Science Awards
All students are given the opportunity to enter these prestigious state-wide awards. Scott Creek Primary’s focus on STEM subjects is regularly recognised with prizes and highly commended awards – an amazing achievement for a small school.
Scott Creek Conservation Park
The school’s environmental focus makes the Scott Creek Conservation Park both an excellent asset and a natural partner. Recent projects have included the revegetation of a degraded area of the park, bird banding and the building and hanging of possum boxes.
Student Representative Council
The SRC meets regularly throughout the school year to decide on fundraising activities, changes to the school grounds (for example the creation of a frog pond was an SRC decision) and the formulation of school rules. Children from each class choose two members to represent them on the council for six months, providing a wonderful leadership opportunity as well as learning about social justice and the difference getting involved makes.
Private Music Lessons
A comprehensive range of private music lessons are available within school hours, including singing, piano, guitar, drums, ukulele and violin. These are conducted alongside the music program offered as part of the main curriculum to ensure all students are able to enjoy the benefits of an education in music.