Possums (Year 2 and 3 students)

The Middle Primary classroom:

  • Promotes a family-style learning environment with a spread of ages and year levels in each class.
  • Caters for diverse ways of learning – students undertake work programs with variable demands designed to extend their levels of achievement.
  • Gives scope for individual and group work, both inside and in our outdoor learning spaces.
  • Creates an environment which is challenging, safe, secure and collaborative.
  • Encourages student voice, instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  • Promotes inquiry and problem based learning.
  • Allows maximum access to current and emerging information and communication technologies.

Having multi year level classrooms, means we are able to cater for the different ways student learn through individualised learning programs. The learner centred, inquiry based approach of our classrooms, engages all students using higher order thinking skills, with particular reference to ‘Learning in Diverse Ways‘ and ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy‘.