A Small, Dynamic Community School.

We are a small, dynamic, community school in a beautiful setting in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Situated seven minutes from Stirling and fifteen from Blackwood, we are conveniently located for families that want the benefits of a small school education surrounded by working farmland, remnant bushland and conservation park.

Our school’s purpose is to provide our students with a high quality education that is both diverse and balanced and which prepares them to be responsible community members, environmental caretakers and global citizens.

Core Values

  • We care for ourselves
  • We care for, respect and value diversity in others
  • We take active care of the natural environment and the local and global community
  • We are optimistic about the future
  • We are resilient and confident
  • We are positive towards others and act with integrity
  • We are inspired to pursue our dreams
  • We make a positive contribution to the world we live in
  • We are curious, independent, creative thinkers

Our Vision

Our vision is for students and community ...
  • To think and act positively
  • Know themselves
  • Think independently
  • Contribute positively to the world.

Our Mission

  • We support activities that focus on health and wellbeing, social justice and diversity to support children to care for themselves, others and the social environment.
  • We offer programmes (such as Bush Buddies and Cooking Fresh and Local) to raise awareness about sustainability and ensure that students learn to care for the natural environment.
  • We promote an environment in which teachers, students and parents can work collaboratively and learn from each other.
  • We encourage responsibility and independent thinking and foster curiosity and creativity.
  • We offer a learning environment where students are encouraged to pursue what they believe.